Get Spaced provides WorkSpace-As-A-Service Solutions.  We specialize in DESIGN, building and management of Collaborative and Innovative Hybrid WorkSpace through evaluation processes, implementation & management techniques necessary to build strong WorkSpace Communities. The world of WorkSpace is evolving & changing at a very fast pace.   Get Spaced helps you to stay ahead of this evolving industry and provides you with comprehensive management tools to help you be a leader in the World of WorkSpace As A Service.


OUR Workspace solution specialists ARE EXPERIENCED PROFESSIONALS WHO GET [E]volved with our Client's needs.

Our professional staff includes a team of well rounded business professionals who have an expertise in the WorkSpace Industry & Business Solutions Management.  Their experience runs anywhere from ownership of Executive Centers to design, start-up implementation, Center turn around and management of Hybrid WorkSpace.

We identify technology, training, and processes to take your service team to the next level. 

Get Spaced, LLC uses surveys, interviews, and observation to conduct a comprehensive service audit.



  • On-site audits
  • Service benchmarking
  • Turn Around Training
  • Center Design
  • Center Kick-Start
  • Management Services


Once we have executive buy-in, we oversee the implementation process from start to finish.

Get Spaced, LLC monitors Key Performance Indicators, adjusting strategies as needed.